Safety & Warranty

We maintain strict safety standards with all of our products, and offer a full commercial warranty.

Safely operate your shower door by ensuring:

  • Frameless glass doors must be opened or closed slowly while maintaining control at all times
  • Frameless glass doors are equipped with safety bumpers and polycarbonate seals to aid with water control and door safety. Seals and bumpers should not be removed for any reason

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We incorporate safety features into all our models so you can rest assured knowing your guests will be safe. Some of these features include:

  • Safety film, which prevents pieces of tempered glass from falling onto a guest in the event of door breakage
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  • Safety Bumpers incorporated into wall brackets
  • Engineered so doors can never “jump off” of top tracks

To properly maintain the clarity and enhance the life of your Eurotech shower enclosure, we require that you follow these simple maintenance and cleaning guidelines:

  • Always use mild soap or glass cleaning solution. The following products are approved for use: Sprayway glass cleaner and Stainless steel cleaner. Products can be found here:
  • Here is a list of some cleaning agents and tools that must be avoided: abrasive or soft-abrasive powders and liquids, bleach or bleach based cleaners, steel wool or Teflon pads, razor blades and scrapers
  • Regular use of a lint-free microfiber cloth or squeegee is an easy way to remove soap, dirt and other shower residue
  • Maintain your shower seals by simply cleaning your seals as you would your shower door hardware – do not use bleach, ammonia, or any strong chemical which will make the seals brittle and discolored

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Please see Eurotech’s commercial warranty

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